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Xorcom Astribank vs. Channel Banks

Xorcom Astribank vs. Channel Banks

Astribank Outperforms Legacy Channel Banks

Refer to the table below for a point-by-point comparison:

Category/FeatureAstribankChannel BankComments


Specifically designed for Asterisk®  
Direct connection to Asterisk server Astribank does not require PRI card or LAN connection.
Support for all telephony modules:
Support for mixed analog/digital ports  
High density E1/T1 Astribank supports up to 16 E1/T1
Non-intrusive installation Astribank uses the USB port
Automatic one-step configuration Astribank is a single device while channel banks force you to enter all extension credentials, which doubles programming time.
Easy maintenance Channel bank solution requires two devices, including PCI installation vs. hot pluggable USB.
Drivers are included in standard Asterisk Astribank is a native Asterisk appliance.
Support for up to 32 analog ports  

Physical Dimensions

Supplied in small form factor Astribank chassis is 19” 1U
Density per unit height 32 23 Typical channel bank supports 24 in 2U
Weight 3 Lbs 12 Lbs  

Unique Features

Input ports Astribank supports inputs from auxiliary systems, such as alarms.
Output ports Astribank supports activation of auxiliary devices, like gates.

High Volume

Call density per PC connection USB 2.0 ultra high bandwidth 24 ports for each PRI Astribank’s single USB 2.0 port supports over 3,000 calls.
Cabinet space for 1,000 ports 32 U
(4.72 ft/1.44 meters)
84 U
(12.4 ft/3.78 meters)
Typical channel bank solution requires 42 PRI ports (i.e., 42 PCI busses)!

Maintainability and High Availability

Independent hot-pluggable unit Astribank is USB plug-and-play.
Hassle-free maintenance No PRI card is required for Astribank. No need to shut down and/or disassemble the Asterisk server for maintenance.
Redundant power supply Complementary multiple power supply device provides redundant power for up to 16 Astribanks.
Front panel maintenance and tapping ports Astribank provides clear status LED for each channel.

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