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Call Caddy

Call Caddy

One Device Does It All!

Telephone Line Call Queue
Call Recording System

Call Caddy is a powerful and flexible business tool designed to enhance customer care, increase sales and aid operational efficiency. Call Caddy is suitable for small businesses, branches of franchises and departments of larger businesses.

The professional-grade hardware and software solution works by answering incoming calls to deliver professionally created messages, then holding the caller until staff can answer.

Call Caddy’s Call Recording and management features allow full control of telephone related operations, helping reduce lost calls, increase sales revenues and improve customer service.

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Managing clients at the same time as answering inbound calls is a difficult job!

The Call Caddy answers calls with a professional greeting and offers callers the option to hold or leave a message. @Waiting callers hear relevant hints, information and carefully worded messages, prompting them to ask for information when calls are answered. Callers can even break-out of the queue to listen to messages about products, services, directions or information.

Calls may be recorded and reviewed to help staff training and resolve issues, and out-of-hours callers can be given emergency number or can leave a message.

Up-Sell and Maximize Caller Revenues

Ringing phones mean sales and profits, but during busy periods calls can be lost and staff have less time to up-sell.

Call Caddy is made for sales: handling calls, upselling specials and introducing new lines.

Message content can be pre-loaded and set to relate to different days and times of day to maximize profitability, and calls can be recorded to help train and manage staff and resolve conflict. Human performance is boosted too, with a wall board that shows waiting calls alongside real-time and historic stats that show how effective the team is.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Up to 8 Lines Covered: The unit ships with a 4 or 8 analog line card.
  • Service Modes : Up to 8 calls can be answered at once with a professional greeting and then queued, listening to further message programs. Internal phones can ring while the welcome message is delivered – or after it has been delivered.
  • Auto Attendant : Callers can use their keypads to access information, and after playing the information the unit can then automatically queue callers, take a message, hang up or continue to monitor the line throughout the queuing phase, so that callers can break-out to listen to other information or leave a message at any time.
  • After-Hours service : Call Caddy enters night mode automatically at a pre-scheduled time to answer calls and play a message. It can also record a voice mail message and notify the user, or forward the recording directly.
  • Call Recording : An optional service providing a strategic data-gathering and management tool. Call Caddy can also monitor calls locally or remotely to identify training requirements, resolve customer issues and train staff to recognize sales opportunities.
  • Management Information : Call Caddy records data such as: how many calls are received per line, how long staff take to answer and how many calls are lost. This information enables better training, staffing and management decisions.
  • On-Hold Messaging : If a phone system is present, Call Caddy will provide professional On Hold Marketing.
  • Wall Board : The optional Call Caddy wall board provides caller status at a glance: the number of calls received and lost, average wait times, and how long current callers have been waiting for. It is also sound enabled, so can provide a ring tone.
  • Custom Ring Tone : Call Caddy provides a range of ring tones. These could gently inform staff that a call is waiting (e.g. hair and beauty salons where loud ring tones can annoy clients) and then become more insistent after a pre-set time.

Management & Player Software

The Call Tracker comes with Management Player software that allows you to transfer calls from the device to a computer (if connected in network mode) and play the calls.

Network Log Management Interface

The Call Tracker Manager Software allows you to interface via Local Area Network and review the calls stored on the Call Tracker. Calls can be played directly from the Network Log Manager or transferred to your PC for storage and review. The Manager software also allows you to fully program and control the Call Tracker device.


Player Software

The Player Software allows you to sort and search the call records based on Date, Time, Duration, Digits Dialed, Caller ID or Comments. You can email or export the files in our proprietary .xtr format or in .wav format. Comments added to the file become a part of the call record and can be used for searches.

Phone Recorders and Equipment

Call Tracker Phone Recording Device provides a centralized Phone Recording solution for applications with 4 Lines or Analog devices.

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